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Availablility of viagra in new zealand, Suppliers of viagra in uk


Availablility of viagra in new zealand, Suppliers of viagra in uk

Canada’s Largest Hobby Wholesaler
Home >> Order Instructions

How To Order

1) Click on the basket. It becomes highlighted and a little red Xappears.

If you want to cancel an item, click the X and it is removed from the basket and no longer highlighted.

2) When you have selected all the items you are ordering, click on ORDER NOW.

3) Click on the Canadian or USA flag to determine the currency.

4) The items you have selected will appear in a box. If everything is correct then click SHIPPING INFORMATION.

There is a minimum order of $ 50.00. The screen will not advance to SHIPPING INFORMATION if the amount is less than $50.00

5) Enter your shipping information and click PAYMENT INFORMATION

6) Enter your Credit Card Information and click CONFIRMATION

7) Verify that all the items you selected are there and that the shipping and credit card information is correct, then click CONFIRM ORDER

*** No shipping information will appear. The merchandise is always sent by insured post. ***

You will receive a confirmation by email that we have received your order. This is NOT a confirmation that we have shipped it.

You will receive your invoice by email once we have shipped it.

If you require shipping costs before processing your order, please send an immediate email to sales@udisco.com to that effect when you have submitted your order.

We will not charge your credit card until we have invoiced your order. Your order will be shipped the same day it is invoiced.

All orders leave the warehouse twice a day, 12:00pm (Noon) and 4:00 pm.


We do Not  keep backorders unless you ask us to, in an email (sales@udisco.com) following your order.

If under the stock column it says NO/NON it means we do not have stock. We will make every effort to obtain the missing items and ship them within 14 days.